Das besuchte Getränk

(EUPH 003)

Oliver Schwerdt - prepaired grand piano
Friedrich Kettlitz - prepaired acoustic guitar, voice

01 Montagmorgen in der Rumpelkammer (4'03)
02 Solo: seltsames Duo (5'09)
03 Gedämpft (1'43)
04 R.T. (2'25)
05 alt 1 ( 2'40)


Just a few months after the Eisenach based f r e a k e s t r a had shown their electrified groovy improvisations on a little tour performing at venues in Weimar, Leipzig, Dresden, Krakow, Göttingen etc. Oliver Schwerdt came up with an acoustic set-up that would be inspired by some contemporary improvisation aesthetics he was introduced to during occasionally visits at the academy of music in Leipzig. For the aim of this recording he together with his associate Friedrich Kettlitz decided to settle into a neo-renaissance styled villa which they were familiar with. Situated at the foot of the Wartburg Castle Das besuchte Getränk can be read as a suite dealing with really simple musical events treated much seriously. We can listen to loose, sometimes concretistic sounds. For one time the intimate instrumental dialogue of an undogmatically prepaired grand piano and an acoustic guitar is adorned with a thrilling view at an improvised picture that the voice of Kettlitz is able to celebrate. This constellation will lead to the mastery of the duo album Gay – Saunawirt happening ten years later. For another time this little album initiates the documented grand piano solo work of Schwerdt that will be chronologically continued by some pieces represented by Dal Ngai (2002-03). Generally Das besuchte Getränk stands on the beginning of the professional recording history of the EUPHORIUM ensembles, followed by the well-staffed chamber ensemble of Die Abenteuer des Birg Borgenthal recorded not more than two months later. Particularly one aspect of the work known as the Getränk became very influential on following projects: Friedrich and Schwerdt are recording the same piece for several times. Representing different manifestations of one idea they are about to suggest not being interested in improving something but telling about variability as a valid message.

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ISBN: 978-3-944301-49-5
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